Swift Microwave Therapy

The Podiatry & Biomechanics Co. are now offering Swift Microwave Therapy for plantar warts. This is a new, reliable treatment for verruca lesions that requires no at home treatment.

  • Swift is a pioneering new microwave therapy system that provides a precise and easy way of treating verruca lesion.
  • Swift was developed by emblation limited
  • Swift is one of the fastest growing treatments in UK Podiatry.
  • Microwaves are a form of non-ionised radiation, which have the ability to agitate water molecules within skin cells without causing damage to DNA.
  • Swift microwaves will penetrate the skin to a predetermined depth. They don’t break the surface of the skin and destroy tissue like other forms of plantar wart treatment (salicylic acid, cryotherapy).
  • Studies are showing success rates as high as 83% within 3 – 5 treatments.
  • The Swift Applicator has a disposable tip to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Best of all, Swift treatments are fast. Each treatment takes less than 10 minutes. No at home treatment is required.

Please ring and make an appointment where a qualified Podiatrist can discuss more about Swift including the costs and to see if you’re a suitable candidate before proceeding.