Occurring in approximately 6% of the population, a tarsal coalition is a congenital fusion which occurs during early foetal development.

Certain bones in the feet fail to separate properly during pregnancy and remain fused together in varying levels of severity.

Usually diagnosed during adolescent years or early 2o’s, the signs and symptoms of a tarsal coalition include flat, rigid and stiff foot (limited range of motion) which can be very painful with vigorous sporting activity or just routine daily walking. Pain is often felt across the ankle, rearfoot and/or in the midfoot depending on which bones are fused.

Here at Freeman Podiatry, we can assess your child’s feet and refer them for appropriate imaging to confirm or rule out a tarsal coalition to help in our course of treatment.

We can provide appropriate footwear advice as well as prescribe orthotics to support the foot and reduce any abnormal movement for pain relief. However, for severe cases appropriate referral to another specialist or surgeon may be the only option.