More common in females than males due to choice of footwear, bunions are a bony deformity affecting the big toe joint.

The first metatarsal bone moves away from the midline of the foot and the big toe starts to angle towards the second toe. Symptoms include, pain, redness, swelling and inflammation within the big toe joint or on the skin surrounding the bunion. In longstanding bunions, arthritis is usually associated with the deformity.

Causes of bunions include: genetic links (63%), poor footwear choices (ballet flats, high heels), excessive pronation as well as poor foot mechanics.

At Freeman Podiatry we can assess your foot mechanics and improve them (with orthotics, exercises, stretches etc) to help slow down the progression and development of your bunion. We can also give you footwear advice to accommodate your bunion and if necessary a surgical referral.