Ingrown toenails are a common foot pathology that your podiatrist can manage.

There are many factors and causes that can contribute to the nail growing in to the surrounding skin. Tight shoes and poor cutting technique are some examples.

A partial nail avulsion, or PNA, is a simple surgical solution of an ingrown toenail that can be performed by a podiatrist. If the ingrown nail isn’t improving with conservative treatments, a PNA is a simple permanent solution.

A PNA involves removing the ingrown section of the nail, and preventing that part of the nail growing back. The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic and a chemical called phenol is used to prevent the affected part of the nail from growing back once it is removed. Once the anaesthetic is administered, the procedure is pain free and usually takes less than an hour.

There is little to no post operative pain if rest and elevation advice is followed after the procedure. There is also no need for crutches or time off work during the following days.