Onyfix® Nail Correction System

The Podiatry & Biomechanics Co. are now offering the Onyfix® nail correction system. Onyfix® is a versatile and innovative product that enables completely painless treatment of almost all forms of involuted and ingrown toenails.

Our trained Podiatrists apply the system individually and fix it to your nail, which is then brought back into its natural shape as it grows The whole process is pain-free, during application and throughout the entire treatment.

Please watch the video to learn more about Onyfix®


Are there any contraindications to using Onyfix®?

There are no known contraindications to using Onyfix®. Onyfix® does not make direct skin contact, and there have been no reported allergic reactions. By decreasing the curvature of the nail through its own natural physiological growth, Onyfix® is safe for even the highest risk patients (children, pregnant women and even patients with peripheral neuropathy who are not candidates for a surgical matrixectomy).

What is the down-time for patients after having Onyfix® applied?

There is no down-time. Once the Onyfix® compound has been cured with the provided LED light, your are free to do whatever activity you would like to including running, swimming or dancing – you name it, you can participate.

Can I wear nail polish over the top of the Onyfix® strip?

Yes, provided that you are using a nail polish that can be removed with acetone or liquid nail polish remover. A gel or shellac polish that requires mechanical debridement or filing to be removed should not be used as the Onyfix® strip may come off during mechanical debridement.

Can I get the Onyfix® wet?

Absolutely, once the Onyfix® compound is cured, your patient can bathe, shower and swim as they like.

How many applications are required to correct a nail involution?

This is patient dependent. Clinical studies indicate that a 12-month treatment protocol shows positive results – Eckhard Hanisch, Physiological and painless treatment of ingrown and rolled toenails, 2018.

Please ring and make an appointment where a qualified Podiatrist can discuss more about Onyfix® including the costs and to see if you’re a suitable candidate before proceeding.