A diagnosis of pre-diabetes or diabetes can feel overwhelming. You may have been told that diabetes can affect your feet but don’t really understand how.

If you have diabetes or have recently been diagnosed with the condition your doctor may refer you to a podiatrist.
A podiatrist can perform a foot health check to give you and your doctor an insight to your foot health and whether diabetes has had any affects on your feet.

Our podiatrists are trained to perform the relevant tests but also, to explain all that you need to know to better understand the relationship between diabetes and foot health.

Our podiatrists will inform you and your doctor (with your permission) of the results and any recommendations for further referral. You will also be advised of ongoing monitoring depending on your needs.

Advice can be given regarding diabetic footcare and footwear recommendations.

So, if you have been diagnosed with diabetes or have had diabetes for a long time, don’t feel overwhelmed. Make an appointment and we can help you to manage your foot health.

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