Karina Conolly B.Hlth.Sc/Mst.Pod.Med

Hi my name is Karina. I am a podiatrist here at The Podiatry & Biomechanics Co. I became interested in Podiatry at a young age. My mother is a podiatrist and after requiring foot orthoses as a child I was exposed to the benefits that podiatry can have in relieving foot pain. I have always had a love of sport. Over the years I have enjoyed playing netball, soccer, oz-tag, touch football, league tag and snow skiing. I currently play netball in the Dooley’s state league competition in Sydney and Ladies League tag for my local club. My passion for sport does not stop at playing. I still coach and umpire on the weekends. In the winter I love to get down to the snow. My passion for sport has given me a keen interest into the prevention, diagnosis, management and rehabilitation of sports injuries. My experience allows me to understand the mindset and passion of my athletic patients. I particularly love helping patients reduce their pain to achieve their goals at any level. I am also a member of the Australian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine.
Since working as a Podiatrist I have gained experience in all aspects of podiatric care working in the Illawarra, Southern Highlands and Wollondilly regions. I enjoy all aspects of podiatry and I like seeing my patients pain free. I am also very passionate about diabetes education. I enjoy helping patients understand how diabetes can effect their feet and what they can do to prevent potential damage that can occur due to diabetes. I am currently undertaking further study for my endorsement of scheduled medicines which will allow me some prescribing rights within clinic. I appreciate the importance of keeping up-to-date with the latest research and treatment modalities and this is one of the reasons that I love working as part of the team here.